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The Tacher Company has been privileged to serve the broadcast advertising community since 1968.

It is our belief that mid and small market radio broadcasters should be priority one when it comes to being represented to major advertisers and agencies throughout the U.S. Knowledge is everything when it comes to presenting the marketplace. The Tacher Company is the leader when it comes to knowing the market and knowing the station.

What do we do?
Simply, we represent you the mid and small market radio broadcaster to major agencies and advertisers throughout the U.S.

How do we represent you?
We personally study your market to gain first hand knowledge of your stations, and all competitive media in your market. But it doesn’t end there. A marketplace is more than a one sheet. We want to know what drives your economy, what your listeners do and how they live and why your stations stand out in the market. We in turn bring this knowledge to the decision maker, so they have full confidence that we are all working together with the same level of expertise. We have one goal. To make the cash register ring for the advertiser.

One final comment: The Tacher Company sales force has a long history of sales success in local markets. We have been sellers, sales managers and general managers. We understand the heavy lifting. The advertisers and agencies trust that when you work with us, you are working with the local market and local stations. It’s who we are.

As always, Thank you for the opportunity to serve!

Your Tacher Team